Advanced Technology Division
Harnessing leading-edge technology to present further possibilities in new materials.

We are accelerating R&D and new product development regarding advanced electronics, semiconductors, EVs, and biotechnology using a wide range of products including test coaters, measurement equipment, optical equipment, and heat-dissipating materials. Our demonstration rooms are available to test a diverse range of devices.

Business Field
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Sensors
  • Batteries
  • Automobiles
  • BIO
1.Printing instruments/Test coaters

A wide range of test machinery, including compact models, tabletop models, and roll-to-roll pilot coaters that can test with a small amount of material is available.

2.Measurement equipment, ultraviolet irradiators, and other devices

Unique equipment such as automatic gel time measurement units, infrared moisture meters, and UV-LED irradiators is available.

3.Optical products

Product range suitable for medical, semiconductor equipment, and various sensor applications, from light guides, optical filters, and single lenses to modules is available.

4.Functional materials

The optimal materials - such as aluminum nitride and conductive diamonds - in various leading-edge fields such as electronics, semiconductors, EVs, and water treatment are available.

External environment
  • Development of next-generation battery materials
  • Intensifying competition to develop new materials
  • Enhanced functionality of prepreg sheets
  • Reduction in R&D costs and shortening of development time
  • Realization of green chemistry
  • Lineup of printing and coating testing equipment to support R&D
  • Lineup of testing and measurement equipment
  • Developing gel time measurement equipment for prepreg sheets
  • Reducing material costs through a testing equipment lineup that accommodates miniaturization and is suited to many specific applications
  • Contribution to development which uses leading-edge materials and does not generate waste