Aluminum nitride (AlN) heat-dissipating substrates provide both high heat dissipation and electrical insulation
The maximum thermal conductivity is 250W/mk.
Business Field
  • Power semiconductor
  • Submounts for optical communication lasers
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This aluminum nitride substrate can achieve both high heat dissipation and electrical insulation. As of its role of dissipating heat while maintaining insulation, it is used as a heat-dissipating substrate for power semiconductors and optical communication lasers in the 5G era.

In addition to the general-purpose grade 170W/mk and the high thermal conductivity grade 200W/mk, we now offer the ultra-high thermal conductivity grade 250W/mk.

It is highly evaluated as a heat-dissipating substrate for electronic devices that require higher heat dissipation.

  • Thermal conductivity of 250W/mK
  • Thermal expansion coefficient matching silicon (Si)
  • High thermal shock resistance and high reliability against rapid heating and cooling
  • High electrical insulation and low dielectric constant
  • Sintered aluminum nitride blocks are sliced and processed, making it possible to handle large areas, thicker than 1mmt, and small lots.
  • Surface roughness from Ra=1μm to mirror surface is available



Semiconductor laser (laser diode) submounts、Power semiconductor substrates


Grade FAN-170 FAN-200 FAN-250F
Thermal conductivity W/m・K(RT) 170 200 250
Thermal emissivity (100℃) 0.93
Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃(RT~400℃) 4.5
Insulation resistance Ω・cm(RT) >1013
Dielectric strength kV/mm(RT) 15
Dielectric constant (1MHz) 8.8
Dielectric loss 10-4(1MHz) 5
Bending strength MPa 350
Density g/cm3 3.3
yttrium (Y) wt% 3.4


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