Quality and Environmental Efforts

Overall Basic Policy

Based on our business philosophy, our overall basic policy is defined as follows:
“ We aim to be an attractive company that pursues the improvement of customer and employee satisfaction, with trusting relationships with suppliers and customers forming the basis of our corporate activities.” In addition to observing laws, regulations, and social norms on the basis of this overall basic policy, we set and implement goals and management programs for the following items and continuously improve the effectiveness of management systems.

1.Setting and achieving goals for improvement

Set improvement goals for each department and make an effort to achieve them.

2.Improving customer satisfaction

Strive to understand customer needs, provide services and products that meet expectations, and aim at improving customer satisfaction.

3.Preserving the environment and preventing pollution

Strive to observe environmental regulations and other environmental guidelines and set the following themes to prevent pollution:

  1. Promote resource saving and energy saving.
  2. Reduce and recycle waste.
  3. Expand the sales of environmentally friendly products.
  4. Promote the use of green products.
  5. Meet regulatory requirements related to our environmental aspects and other requirements to which we agree.

4.Participation by all

Promote the growth of all members who work in our company and encourage their participation in management.

5.Making this policy available to the public

We make this policy available externally.

ISO activities

The MATSUO group is ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited.

Accredited businesses

  1. Wholesale of effect pigments
  2. Wholesale of optical fibers
  3. Wholesale of optical components (lenses, mirrors, etc.)
  4. Wholesale of automotive parts
  5. Wholesale of test coaters
  6. Wholesale of optical fiber coatings (UV-cured coatings)
  7. Wholesale of Alsolar (aluminum material for electrodes)


  1. Headquarters
  2. Tokyo Branch
  3. Nagoya Branch
  4. Ota Branch
  5. Shinjo Office