Lab/Pilot Coater VCML

VCML is a printing test coater to achive all types of printings and coatings.
RK VCML Demo Room in TOKYO.

The most compact
pilot coater
12 types
of printings
and coatings
The Best Solution
for a varity of
Reserch & Development.
VCML is the best solution of printings and coatings. VCML is a compact lab pilot coater  that allows you to test samples freely instead of mass production machine.         
12 types of printings, coatings and easy operation meet customer's special requirements.           
The roll to roll method provides you with correlate results with production machine and 
accelerates your R&D process. Each coating head can be changed easily and web     
speed/tension/drying temperature etc can be set by operation screen.         

Solvent-based, water-based, UV-based inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives, and        
othercoating fluids can be printed and coated in a variety of applications, making it    
possible to find the best solution for development.                    
Only small amount of inks such as 300 CC is enough to test your samples.         

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VCML Business Field
- Flexible Printable Electronics
- Security           
- Holograms          
- Medical Diagnostics     
- Fuel Cell and Batteries    
- LCD Displays          
- Aerospace Composites    
- Polymeric Semiconductors  
- Solar Reflective Films    
- Barrier Coatings       
- Flexible Packaging      
VCML Specification
- Web width up to 300mm  
- Rigid alminum frame work 
2.5m (L) x 1m(W) x 1.8m (H)
- Heat mounting station with
tray lift and trough     
- Laminator station with   
adjustable pneumatic nip
- Servo drive with a speed  
range of 1 - 50m/min.  
TOKYO Demo Room
VCML demonstration machine is in our Tokyo Demo Room.  
We are only agent who has  
VCML Demo Room for Asian
TOKYO Demo Room is located near central Tokyo and it   
takes less than hour from   
Tokyo (Haneda) International
Over 50 years of history
Matsuo has been supporting
almost all industries with 
varity of printing test   
machine for over 50 years.
Matsuo is one and only official
agent in Japan for RK Print  
coat Instruments who    
manufacture the best known
printing test machine.   

What can you do with VCML?

12 types of printings and coatings can be tested by universal mounting head and each printing and coating methods can be changed easily and quickly.

– Meter bar          - Flexo

– Gravure           - Knife Over Roll

– Direct Gravure        - Slot Die

– Reverse Gravure        - Rotary Screen

– Offset Gravure        - Air Knife

– Differential Offset Gravure

In addition, Dry heating, UV Curing, Corona Treatment, Heating Laminate are also available.

  • 12 types of printings and coatings. Each method can be changed esaily.
  • Corona Treatment, UV Curing, Dry heating are available.
  • Heating Lanimate can be processed.
  • Tension control by Operation Screen.
  • Web width up to 300mm
  • Speed range: 1-50m/min
  • Structure: Rigid aluminum gramework
  • Body standard size – 2,500(W) x 1,000(D) x 1,800mm(H)


  • Please feel free to contact us for quotations and product descriptions.

Find your best solution!

Sample demo request

Test and experiment for R&D of the latest technology and specialied fields.
VCML demo machine is located in TOKYO Demo Room.

TEL :+81-45-471-3961


TOKYO Demo Room


1 hour from Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport by Train or Bus.

Zip code: 222-0033
Address: 2-3-8 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku Yokohama-shi ShinYokohama Building 1F

TEL: 045-471-3961


RK PrintCoat Instruments

Matsuo has been one & only Japanese agent of British Company RK for over 50 years.
All Asian users can test VCML at Matsuo TOKYO Demo Room.