Aluminum nitride filler with both high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. Our product lineup includes aluminum nitride powder produced by direct nitriding as well as sintered filler obtained by sintering powder into a spherical shape.
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  • Heat dissipation sheet
  • Heat dissipation grease
  • Thermal conduction adhesive
  • Filler
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High thermal conductivity large particle size sintered filler
Fillers made by sintering fine aluminum nitride (AlN) powder into a spherical shape are often used in the likes of heat dissipation sheets thanks to their excellent dispersion in resin and ability to greatly increase thermal conductivity. As electronic components become more compact and highly integrated, heat dissipation has become a major issue. Aluminum nitride filler contributes to improving heat dissipation performance.

High purity aluminum nitride powder
This product is an aluminum nitride filler manufactured through the direct nitriding method. It is used in many fields, including electronic devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We offer a range of grades to meet specific customer applications, such as grades suitable for sintering or for use as filler.

Blending fillers
As we supply aluminum nitride, alumina, and other heat conductive fillers pre-blended at our distinctive ratios, customers can increase the thermal conductivity of resins simply mixing with the base resin (thermosetting resin).

High thermal conductivity large particle size sintered filler

  • FAN series 5μm~80μm


High purity aluminum nitride powder

  • TFZ series 1μm~30μm


Blending fillers

  • FN series 30μm、80μm
  • Delivers high thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance, excellent filling, and flowability.
  • We can supply surface-treated products for improved filling and water resistance.
  • Our product lineup includes aluminum nitride base powder and spherical large grain sintered filler.

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