High quality PC, PPS, PEEK, PEI resins etc with unique exclusive recycling technology.
We have achieved engineering plastics and super engineering plastics that are comparable to virgin resins.
Business Field
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electronic Parts
  • OA equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Stationery
  • Amusement
  • Film sheets
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  • Specifications

Recycled resins such as PC/PPS/PEEK/PEI based on high quality raw materials. PC/PPS/PEEK films, sheets, molding defects, runners, dangoes, etc are properly & carefully material recycled. We can offer high-quality recycled resins that are comparable to virgin materials. We can also offer high quality recycled PEI/PMMA/PBT/PFA resins.

PC/PPS resin is carbon footprint (CFP) certified under the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) program and we can reduce CO2 emissions by about 1/20 in comparision to virgin materials.

We are also engaged in not only Post Industrial Recycle (PIR) but also Post Consumer Recycle (PCR). Since Post Consumer raw materials are mainly used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, we are able to provide high-quality PCR resins.

Polycarbonate resin: Lineup of various grades!
-General transparent grade
-Glass fiber reinforced grade
-Glass fiber-reinforced grades
-Weatherability grades
-Carbon fiber-reinforced grades
-Flame retardant grade
-Eco-mark compliant grade
-EPEAT compliant grades (post-consumer materials)
-Recycled pellet processing of PC, PPS, PEEK, PEI, PFA, PBT, PMMA
-Other special custom grade development requests.


-First in Japan to recycle polycarbonate resin and we are able to procure high-quality virgin materials.
-Continued procurement of high-quality raw materials for more than 40 years. Stable procurement through our established unique supply chain.
-Recycled engineering plastic and super engineering plastic with high transparency, heat resistance, and durability.
-Production of approximately 800 tons of recycled PC and 100 tons of PPS per month. Total monthly production capacity is approximately 1,400 tons.
-The CO2 emissions of PC and PPS resins are about 1/20 of those of virgin materials.


Advanced Technology Division

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