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Automotive parts

Automotive Division

As a Tier 1 supplier directly delivering important safety components such as steering wheels and airbags to automakers, we are engaged in automobile manufacturing from development right through to delivery.

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Raw materials for coatings

Coating Material Division

Our expertise is based on experience and a proven track record across many aspects of the coatings field. We offer optimal, high-quality solutions and leading-edge technologies to all customers in global and regional markets.

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R&D Apparatus/High Functional Materials

Advanced Technology Division

Our variety of products including test coaters, measurement equipment, optical parts, and heat-dissipation materials, will accelerate the development of R&D, advanced electronics, semiconductors, EVs, and biotechnology. A wide range of products, materials can be tested at our demonstration rooms.

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Solar energy & Recycles

Energy Solutions Division

We offer not only the optimal products for solar power generation from all around the world, including various raw materials and components but also solutions to help realize a sustainable society, such as loT proposals working toward carbon neutrality, the sale of storage batteries, and recycling after disposal.

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