Energy Solutions Division
We offer the optimal solutions based on the key words renewable energies, environment and global.

Our Energy Solutions Division provides the optimal solutions towards solar energy industry which are integrated from upstream to downstream, ranging from materials supply, handling special customized products, to clients’ unique product’s development.

Business Field
  • Solar Cells
  • Batteries
  • Precious Metals Scrap
1.Find solutions from upstream to downstream

From raw materials for solar cells to OEM supply of final products (e.g. modules) , our knowledge, technology, and networks spanning almost the entire value chain enable us to respond to resolve clients’ difficulties such as requiring of unique final products and special tech-knowledge production ramp-up.

2.Networks with both broad scope and local depth

In addition to our main market, China, we have expanded throughout markets in India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as North and South America. Notably, one of Matsuo Sangyo’s strengths is how our global network also provides detailed, responsive service to meet clients’ needs in each local market.

3.Employing traceability in recycling precious metals

We collect scrap from around the world and deliver it to the smelters and refiners offering best option according to specific grades, making the "urban mine" waste resource recycling concept a reality.

4.New development and new business creation

We design, manufacture, and sell our original products such as batteries.

External environment
  • Changes in the industrial structure
  • Geographical risk
  • Insufficient connections to markets abroad
  • Accelerated market speed
  • Providing OEM special product & support
  • Offering clients a wide range of options
  • Supporting overseas clients to act towards Japan market where unique culture exists
  • Further deepening understanding of technology and markets. Ability to use deep and wide knowledge and understanding to the whole of the value chain.
  • Utilizing experienced advisors