Compliance Efforts

Matsuo Sangyo Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of social requirements that are becoming increasingly diversified and complicated and sets up a basic compliance policy as described below in order to define the company’s fundamental policy to observe as a member of society.

Conduct that should be a model shall be defined as a code of conduct, and the employees of the company shall fully understand this basic policy and, in their daily activities, shall behave according to the basic policy with the company's business philosophy in mind.

Basic Compliance Policy

  1. Fair dealing
  2. Appropriate handling of information
  3. Respect for human life and human rights
  4. Exclusion of anti-social forces

Code of Conduct for Compliance

  1. We do not conduct such activities as to make an unfair one-sided profit. In addition, we make deals in fair and open competition.
  2. We ensure proper information management according to our privacy policy. Similarly, we handle confidential information appropriately.
  3. We respect human life and human rights and do not carry out actions and activities that may harm human life and human rights.
  4. We do not have any involvement with any and all anti-social forces, individuals, and organizations that may affect the public order.