The colors are exclusive masterbatch for FEP, PFA & ETFE resin.
We can provide each color masterbatch for fluororesin covering material of electric wire without damaging the exellent resin properties and designed by adopting carefully selected pigments suitable for each resin.
Each masterbatch can be selected for variety of MFR (Melt Flow Rate).
Refer to our specification sheet for further information.
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Electric Wire & Cable for tough weatherability use such as heat resistance, electric insulation etc.

Masterbatch and compound design for various usage with fluorine resin as the base materials, are available on request. Setting of color mixing is available on request.
Dispersion processing of various type of filler, kneading with liquid, etc.

Product Name   Resin type     MFR             Application

H1100       FEP     Standard Grade         Electric wire (Thick)

H1300       FEP     High Flow Grade       Electric Wire / Communication cable

H2800       FEP     Special Grade          LAN cable

H3100       PFA      Standard Grade         Electric wire (Thick)

H3300       PFA      High Flow Grade       Electric Wire / Communication cable

H3400       PFA      Super High Flow Grade    Communication cable (Super fine)

H5100       ETFE       Standard Grade         Electric / Robot cable(FA Cable)

H5600       ETFE       High Flow Grade         Electric / Communication cable






1. Colored products can be obtained, without losing the excellent properties of fluororesinm such as electric characteristis,           head-resistance, etc.
2. Applicable to thin covering material, because of its excellent dispersibility.
3. Stable processing can be realized as melting characteristics are adjusted and standardized by colors.
4. Automatic measuring is available by using fixed quantity supplying machine.

Representative colors

Color       FEP   PFA   ETFE

White          〇    〇    〇

Black        〇    〇    〇

Gray         〇    〇    〇

Red           〇    〇    〇

Orange       〇    〇    〇

Yellow         〇    〇    〇

Green         〇    〇    〇

Blue         〇    〇    〇

Brown        〇    〇    〇

Violet         〇    〇    〇

Pink         〇

-Circle means that we have color masterbatches for resin types


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