Conductive polymers refer to highly polymerized compounds with electrical conductivity (e.g. plastic). They are widely used in familiar electronic devices such as touch panels, capacitors, and organic EL displays in order to provide a transparent electrode or static protection.
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PEDOT/PSS (Poly (3,4-EthyleneDiOxyThiophene)/Poly(4-Styrene Sulfonate)) is a water-dispersed conductive polymer material. It helps to add conductivity to a wide range of materials.

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  • This product is widely applicable to ink designs for coating purposes.
  • Conductivity can be added to various high-polymer materials, single-component coating materials, etc. by mixing in appropriate amounts of this product.
  • The addition of water-soluble high boiling-point solvents improves conductivity.
  • This product can be used across a wide range of viscosities and printing methods from low viscosity inks such as in inkjet printing (including gravure printing) to screen printing.
  • Grades of PEDOT/PSS are available with adjusted particle size, viscosity, pH, etc.

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