New metallic pigments capable of excellent mirror surface design expression
Main Use
  • Coatings
  • Inks for printing
  • Outline
  • Product Type

“LeafPowder® Indium” has a bimodal particle size distribution with a small aspect ratio despite its scale-like particle shape. These properties, and the mechanism by which its close-packed structure enables a smooth coating film surface, deliver an extremely high mirror finish.

●Coating and printing inks
Automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, IT devices (mobile phones and PCs)
Cosmetic containers, toys, construction materials, etc.

LeafPowder® listed on our website is a registered trademark of OIKE & Co., Ltd.
Source: Oike Metallic Design Co., Ltd. product materials

Oike Metallic Design Co., Ltd.

Slurry type

  • Solid component concentration: 20 wt%
  • Average particle size (length): Up to 1 μm
  • Dispersion solution: PM (CAS No. 107-98-2)

*This product is also available in spray cans.


Design effects
Coating film mirror surface

Radio wave transmissibility

Resource conservation
Reduction of coating film thickness and substitution of plating

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