Main Process of Business Expansion

You would normally need to conduct the search for each of the companies by yourself in Japan, according to the expansion process, to make your selection.
Beside this, please examine the pratical use of the total support by our company.

How our services differ from those provided by other companies

Your company needs to manage the entire processbecause other companies often provide only partial support. In many cases, the persons in charge of providing support in Japan and in Thailand are different. We anticipate that it would require greater efforts than expected tocarry out the project of expansion to Thailand, something that you are not accustomed to, in parallel with your important main business.

In our case Visit the website ofMATSUO SANGYO Co., Ltd. from here

We can introduce several proven companies at each stage of the entire process. We have the advantage of being able to provide consistent supportand coordination with our dedicated team in both Japan and Thailand. In an expansion project with multiple tasks progressing at the sametime, we will prepare and manage the entire schedule to completeyour expansion to Thailand effectively and efficiently.

We are willing to support manufacturers regardless of their scale of operations. Please feel free to contact us!


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