Inorganic Pigment

Inorganic Pigment

Inorganic Pigment (Ultramarine Blue)

In Japan, we distribute inorganic pigments of Nubiola, a company internationally famous for its Ultramarine Blue.
Ultramarine Blue is a type of inorganic pigment.
It consists of a silicate of aluminum and sodium mixed with sulfide and sulfate ions, and exists in nature as the main component of lapis lazuli.



A pigment with high anticorrosive effect expected. It can be used for formulation of water paints and solvent paints.

■Nubifer 5000 Series
By using micronized red, yellow and black iron oxide with high dispersibility, smooth and bright luster can be obtained.

■Nubifer Y700 、Nubifer K Series
Heat-resistant yellow iron oxide (Nubifer 7000 Series) and zinc ferrite (Nubifer K Series) have positive effects on the qualities and prices of powders, coils, and stoving coating.

Nubicoat is the only reddish blue pigment. We recommend to use Ultramarine Blue that has been especially developed for coating materials.

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