Message from the President


Naoki MatsuoPresident and Representative Director

Since its foundation in 1938, Matsuo Sangyo Co., Ltd. has dealt in a wide variety of products in the chemistry, automotive, electronic, and mechanical fields, mainly coating raw materials, automotive parts, and optical components. In addition, we paid attention to Asian countries early on and have expanded overseas and continued to operate glocally.

Our mission is to solve problems of manufacturing companies by making the most of our networks and our experiences, and to cement our position as a leading company.

In the 80 years of Matsuo Sangyo’s history, we actively tried new challenges such as investing in new technology and then failed many times. However, I think that our growth up to now is thanks to our commitment to continuing to change with the times and continuing to try.

With the world about to change significantly through AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies, people's values and their way of thinking will change due to the spread of coronavirus, and that change will become increasingly faster. We will work hard with the aim of becoming a team that makes a difference in society, while repeating the process trial and error for new areas too with a sense of speed and without being limited to the stereotype of a trading company.

Naoki MatsuoPresident and Representative Director