Company Milestones


Start-up period 1938 to 1968

Jan. 1938
Founded as Matsuo Akira Shoten.
Jul. 1949
Reorganized as Matsuo Shoten Co., Ltd. with a capital of 500,000 yen.The main products were nonferrous metals and painting materials.
Feb. 1954
Became the general sales agent in Japan for the aluminium paste of International Aluminium Limited (today’s Alcan Asia Limited).
Apr. 1955
The Tokyo Office opened (the current Tokyo Branch).
Feb. 1957
Became a sales agent for Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and started to sell titanium oxide.
Toyo Aluminium K.K. started domestic production of aluminum paste.As their sales agent, the company worked to expand the sales of aluminum paste.
Became a sales agent for Nagoya Rubber Co., Ltd. (today’s Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.) and advanced into the field of synthetic resin molded products.
Apr. 1961
The Nagoya Office opened (the current Nagoya Branch).
Sep. 1964
Renamed to MATSUO SANGYO Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1968
The Ota Office opened (the current Ota Branch).

Growth period 1969 to 1999

Sep. 1969
Became the general sales agent in Japan for the electrostatic powder coating machines of Gema Switzerland GmbH and started selling.
Jul. 1970
Set up a representative office in Taiwan to expand the import-export business.(closed in 1978).
Mar. 1976
Became a sales agent for SUMITA Optical Glass MFG. Co., Ltd. (today’s SUMITA OPTICAL GLASS, Inc.) and started to sell optical fibers.
Apr. 1984
Received investment from Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. and boosted its capital to 105 million yen.
Jul. 1992
The Singapore Branch opened (closed in 2017).
Apr. 1995
Formed a consortium with Itoh Optical Industrial Co., Ltd. and advanced into the business field of vapor deposition.
Jan. 1996
Our volumetric feeder (SFC system) was adopted for automobile painting of America's Big Three automakers.
Delivered the diode-pumped solid-state SHG green laser with 100-W output power to the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (Tokai Research Establishment).
Mar. 1998
Our powder coating material volumetric feeder (SFC-Q system) received "The Prize for New Machine Developed by Small and Medium Enterprises" from the Japan Society for the Promotion of the Machine Industry.

Development period 2000 to Now

Jul. 2000
Boosted its capital to 310 million yen.
Jan. 2002
Transferred the powder coating machine business to Asahi Sunac Corporation.
Received the “2001 Supplier of the Year Award” from General Motors Company (GM) in the U.S.
Feb. 2004
The headquarters, Tokyo Branch, Nagoya Branch, and Ota Branch obtained ISO14001 certification.
Set up a representative office in Shanghai in China.
Established the subsidiary Shanghai Matsuo-Horsense Trading. Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in China.
May 2006
Established the subsidiary Thai Matsuo Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
The headquarters, Tokyo Branch, Nagoya Branch, Ota Branch, and Shinjo Office obtained ISO9001 certification.
Nov. 2007
Established the subsidiary Guangzhou Matsuo-Horsense Trading Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou in China.
Jul. 2008
Established the subsidiary Thai Matsuo Asia Trading Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Established the subsidiary Tianjin Matsuo-Horsense Trading Co., Ltd. in Tianjin in China.
Thai Matsuo Co., Ltd obtained ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification.
Mar. 2009
Established the subsidiary Chongqing Matsuo-Horsense Trading Co., Ltd. in Chongqing in China.
The Shinjo Office obtained ISO14001 certification.
Aug. 2011
Established the subsidiary PT. Matsuo Indonesia in Indonesia.
Jan. 2014
Established the subsidiary Matsuo Sangyo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.
April. 2021
Established DiaM Co., Ltd.