Division Info

MATSUO will create a new era with functional materials that possess previously unknown possibilities.

Recent - Techno Division takes advantage of cutting-edge technology and proposes more possibilities for new materials.

Recent - Techno Division focuses on research and development in new energy fields including solar cells, lithium batteries and fuel cells, as well as cutting-edge fields such as optical films for flat panel displays and nanotechnology using conductive inks.

Especially, in the printed electronics field that uses printing and coating technologies and has been attracting attention in recent years, we have been operating as an exclusive distributor in Japan for more than 30 years for RK Print Coat Instruments, Ltd., a global manufacturer of proofers for printing in England with a 60-year history. High quality resource-saving and space-saving proofers for printing contribute to your R&D with minimal investment.

Also, in the development of materials, devices and facilities, we have organized a consortium with multiple suppliers possessing core technologies in order to comprehensively promote the development of new products and technologies, and have focused on UV-related products such as UV-curable resin sensors (inspection devices for measurement of materials that cure with UV rays and the levels of curing, and UV-LED light sources).

Many types of proofers for printing are exhibited in our Tokyo Branch (Shin-Yokohama) showroom, and customers can actually view print testing on site.