Division Info

MATSUO pursues possibilities in the coating field from every perspective.

Material Division exercises superior expertise based on our experiences and performances in every aspect such as luster pigments, raw materials for coating inks, in both global and regional networks. We provide high-quality optimal solutions to all the customers.

1. Luster pigments
We boast a 60% share of the domestic market for “aluminum paste," the pigment for metallic coatings.
As the leader in luster materials, MATSUO provides an optimal solution for color creation.

2. Raw materials for coatings/inks
Through our 70 years of experiences and performance in the coating/ink fields, we extensively procure raw materials such as pigments, resins and additives from domestic and overseas suppliers.

3. Global and regional networks

Local staff with specialized knowledge are working energetically for our customers, not only in Japan (Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya) but also in other Asian countries (China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia).
We can respond quickly to our customers by utilizing the strong relationship between our Japan offices and these overseas locations.