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Titanium Oxide

Titanium oxide is a white powder and its crystalline forms are classified into the Anatase type and the Rutile type. The characteristics are that it dissolves in hot concentrated sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric acid but not in other acids or in alkalis and that it has high chemical stability. Its melting point is high, at 1856 degrees Celsius, also showing high thermal stability.
Among white pigments, titanium oxide has the highest refractive indexes: 2.52 for Anatase type and 2.71 for Rutile type. This is why titanium oxide has very high hiding power and tinting strength. In order to mainly improve the qualities such as weather resistance, light resistance and dispersibility, particle surfaces are covered with hydrates of alumina, silica or zirconia. Currently, titanium oxide processed with organic substances to improve dispersibility is becoming mainstream. The dispersion speed is very high compared with other pigments.



Coating materials, printing inks, paper manufacturing, plastics, chemical fibers, rubber, enamel, glass with optical properties applied, use for capacitors, etc.