Automotive Division


We offer proposals for the development of next-generation technology and contribute to the improvement of safety, security, and comfortability of automobiles.

The Automotive Division has been engaged in the automotive industry as an agency for Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. since 1957 and deals in polymer (rubber and resin) automotive parts as well as environmentally friendly products such as LED products.

1. Safety System Products

Safety components such as steerings having both maneuverability and functionality and various air bags to protect occupants in the event of collision.

2. Interior/Exterior Components

Interior parts which make an interior comfortable.Exterior parts which improve styling and design.

3.Functional Components

Critical parts, such as for fuel and brakes, to support an automobile's basic performance like run, turn, and stop.

4. Weather Stripping Products

Rubber products which play many roles, for example, to protect an interior from wind, rain, and noise and to ensure smooth opening and closing of a door and smooth raising and lowering of a glass window.

Taking advantage of our business achievements in the automotive industry over more than half a century, we will work toward the development of next-generation automobiles and continue to contribute to the automotive industry through environment-friendly and safety-conscious products.

Showroom Information

You can do a demonstration experiment of apparatus useful
in the development of high functional material!