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What You Can Do in Our Showroom

First, a customer brings samples into our showroom; then, we test the equipment in the presence of the customer.You can experience the effectiveness and operability of various kinds of apparatus.
For various materials, you can also experience a series of processes from printing/coating, UV curing, and UV curing check up to measurement of shrinkage and stress.

Selectable from three types of demonstration



We can do a demonstration in our showroom.

Access to the Showroom



We can do a demonstration online in a web meeting, etc.



We can lend demo equipment to customers who want to try it out in their company.

Demo Examples

Creating Samples of Dry Laminate

We created samples of dry laminate using this equipment.

Color Matching for UV Flexographic Ink

Proofs were printed with specially mixed ink colored by computer color matching

Development of Conductive Ink

The antenna circuit of an IC tag was flexographically printed with...

Development of Decorative Film

After gravure printing using the gravure head, the head was replaced with a bar coater head...

Development of Water-Based Coating Material (Gravure Coating)

With a bar coater, it was not possible to reproduce the finish of gravure coating in a production line...

Thin Film Coating of Solvent-free Adhesive

We created samples using this equipment.

Measuring the Gel Time of Semiconductor Sealing

Automatic gel time tester “MADOKA”: Semiconductor sealing material

Measuring the Gel Time of Prepreg

Automatic gel time tester “MADOKA”: Prepreg

Measuring the Gel Time of Two-Liquid Plastic Coating Material

Automatic gel time tester “MADOKA”: Two-liquid plastic coating material, black in color

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Gel Time Tester

Film Thickness Tester

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