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Measuring the Gel Time of Semiconductor Sealing Material

Semiconductor sealing material: Powder
Input: 0.3 g
Heat plate temperature: 175°C

Measurement procedure
(1) Crush a lump of sealing material and pass it through a sieve.
(2) Drop 0.3 g of sealing material powder onto the heat plate.
(3) Graph the changes in torque when resin is cured with time.
(4) It ends automatically as the torque reaches the set value.
Note: The set value of torque is determined as desired.


Manual and intuitive measurement had variations between operators, which had been a problem.In particular, a product that required a long time for measurement tended to result in large variations.


It became possible to make measurements without variations for all products, whether the measurement time is short or long.For products that are hard to judge with our senses, it became possible to make judgments through graphical representation of data.

Automatic gel time tester “MADOKA”: Semiconductor sealing material

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