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VCML (Lab/Pilot Coater)

A versatile test coater with roll-to-roll processing. This machine is precision-designed to continuously perform printing, coating, and lamination on all kinds of flexible boards such as film, metal foil, and paper.Coating liquid such as solvent-based, water-based, and UV inks, coatings, varnishes, and adhesives can be printed and coated in various applications.Samples can be made with a very small amount of material.
VCML is used for product development, quality management, and small-scale production of special products.
* Equipment is set up for a demonstration in the Shin-Yokohama Showroom.


RK Print Coat Instruments

Lab/Pilot Coater VCML

Applicable Products

ˑ Printing: Gravure, gravure offset, flexographic, rotary screen
ˑ Coating: Reverse gravure, meter bar, knife-over-roll, comma bar, slot die, differential offset gravure, air knife, hot melt
ˑ Lamination: Dry laminate, wet laminate
ˑ Drying/curing: Hot-air drying, UV (mercury lamp, LED), IR
ˑ Treatment: Corona treater



ˑ This product is designed for printing, coating, and lamination on all sorts of flexible material.
ˑ It is possible to apply a coating of solvent-based, water-based, and UV liquids.
ˑ This product employs a touch-screen operation system (illustrated descriptions of assembly and operating instructions).
ˑ The printing and coating method (more than ten kinds) can be changed easily by selecting the head.
ˑ Printing and coating test is possible with a coating liquid of several hundred cc.




ˑ Web width: Up to 300 mm
ˑ Structure: Rigid aluminum framework, textile stuff cantilever method
ˑ Drive: Servo drive
ˑ Speed range: 1 to 50 m/min (load cell type), 1 to 70 m/min (standard type)
ˑ Standard machine size: 2.5 m (L) × 1.0 m (W) × 1.8 m (H)
ˑ Machine weight: Approx. 1,000 ㎏


ˑ Optical film
ˑ Printable electronics
ˑ Seal label
ˑ Security hologram
ˑ Medical tape
ˑ Wearable device (sensor)
ˑ Fuel cell
ˑ Display
ˑ Aerospace composite material
ˑ Semiconductive polymer


ˑ UV nitride purging

Demo Examples

Dry Laminate (PET/Aluminum Foil)

An adhesive was applied on 12-μm PET by gravure coating, and the solvent was volatilized with a dryer. After that, 9-μm aluminum foil was laminated.Samples were created by changing the speed from 10 m/min to 30 m/min.

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