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K Lox Proofer

ˑ The most simple tool to make a sample that is very similar to that made by general flexographic printing.
ˑ A sample by flexographic printing can be created. This saves the time during which actual equipment is stopped for testing.
ˑ Manual and automatic models are available.


RK Print Coat Instruments

K Lox Proofer


ˑ Its compact size is ideal for problem solving on site.
ˑ An accurate and reproducible press proof similar to that by flexographic printing can be created immediately by applying flexographic ink or other liquid coatings to an object to coat.
ˑ It is easy to use with quickly replaceable rubber and an anilox roller, and cleaning is easy.
ˑ The film thickness can be controlled with an engraving anilox roller.
ˑ Tests can be performed with small amount of ink, which reduces the waste of expensive materials.
ˑ An anilox roller can provide up to 400 lines/inch.
ˑ Coating width: 115 mm
ˑ Printing ink: Flexographic ink (water-based, solvent-based, or UV)
ˑ Printing sheet: Paper, film



ˑ Steel anilox (mechanical engraving, hard chromium plating)

Model Cell line/inch Cell line/cm Depth um Volume cm3/m2
400/5 400 160 18 4.3
200/12 200 80 33 10.2
180/14 180 70 46 16.6
140/10 140 55 66 20.2
100/18 100 40 130 39.1


ˑ Development of film (for packaging, optical, and medical applications)
ˑ Development of flexographic ink
ˑ Fuel cell: Catalyst coating
ˑ Lithium-ion cell: Separator coating
ˑ Display (development of liquid crystal, organic EL, and PDP displays, etc.)
ˑ Development in printable electronics
ˑ Research on pattern printing
ˑ Quality management
ˑ Printing suitability test (wear resistance, scratch resistance, pliability, gloss, etc.)
ˑ Creation of presentation samples
ˑ Computer color matching

Product Type

ˑ Manual test coater

Demo Examples

Creating Samples of Flexography Colors

We created color samples by putting flexographic ink on liner paper.

Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Pattern Printing

Using this equipment, we created samples of flexographic printing by hand coating.

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