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K Printing Proofer

ˑ A multifunctional desktop test coater.
ˑ Gravure, gravure offset, and flexographic printing and lamination can be performed easily by head replacement.
ˑ It is most desirable for research and development because it is suitable for applications such as quality management, printing suitability test, and computer color matching.
ˑ This product adopts an electronically engraved plate made in the same way as for a cylinder of actual equipment.
ˑ The micrometer allows fine adjustment of the printing pressure and the doctor blade pressure.


RK Print Coat Instruments

K Printing Proofer

Applicable Products

ˑ Gravure printing

ˑ Flexographic printing

ˑ Lamination

ˑ Gravure offset printing



ˑ This apparatus is most suitable for persons who use or manufacture liquid ink.
ˑ Compact size: 400 × 500 mm
ˑ Printing speed: Max. 40 m/min
ˑ The electronically engraved plate made in the same way as for a cylinder of actual equipment can be replaced easily.
ˑ The settings of the printing pressure and doctor blade can be fine-adjusted with the micrometer.
ˑ Printing and lamination are possible on any flexible sheets such as paper, film, and metal foil.
ˑ Two or more kinds of ink can be simultaneously printed and compared. This allows for alignment for overprinting.
ˑ Tests can be performed with small amount of ink, which reduces the waste of expensive materials.
ˑ Printing ink: Liquid ink (gravure, flexographic), adhesive
ˑ Printing sheet: Paper, film, metal foil



ˑ Speed: 4 to 40 m/min
ˑ Footprint: 400 mm × 500 mm
ˑ Printing area: Gravure 95 × 160 mm
Flexographic 95 × 150 mm
Lamination 120 × 200 mm


ˑ Development of film (for packaging, optical, and medical applications)
ˑ Development of ink (gravure, flexographic, conductive, resist)
ˑ Ink ribbon: Development of transfer foil
ˑ Fuel cell: Catalyst coating
ˑ Lithium-ion cell: Separator coating
ˑ Inkjet printer paper: Application of coating material
ˑ Display (development of liquid crystal, organic EL, and PDP displays, etc.)
ˑ Development in printable electronicsˑ Research on pattern printing
ˑ Research on pattern printing
ˑ Quality management
ˑ Printing suitability test (wear resistance, scratch resistance, pliability, gloss, etc.)
ˑ Creation of presentation samples
ˑ Computer color matching


ˑ Explosion-proof design
A electric motor cannot be used at some production sites, but this product can be of an explosion-proof design using an air motor.

Product Type

ˑ Automatic test coater


ˑ Doctor blade

Demo Examples

Color Mixing for Gravure Printing (for Explosion-Proof Areas)

With an electronically engraved plate attached to this equipment, we performed gravure printing.

Quality Management of Film

Using this equipment, we created print samples by gravure printing.

Development of Water-Based Coating Material (Gravure Coating)

With a bar coater, it was not possible to reproduce the finish of gravure coating in a production line, so we performed gravure coating using this equipment.

Development of Conductive Ink

The antenna circuit of an IC tag was flexographically printed with conductive ink for printable electronics.

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