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K Control Coater

ˑ An automatic desktop bar coater with compact size.
ˑ It can be easily set up for coating.
ˑ It is most desirable for research and development because it is suitable for applications such as quality management, printing suitability test, and computer color matching.
ˑ With this bar, a coating of 4 to 500 um (wet film thickness) can be applied.
ˑ A gap applicator and the K Lox (flexographic printing) are optionally available.


RK Print Coat Instruments

K Control Coater


ˑ This apparatus is most suitable for persons who use or manufacture liquid inks, coatings, and adhesives.
ˑ The speed and pressure can be controlled, and it is possible to create a sample with high reproducibility.
ˑ Two or more kinds of ink can be simultaneously printed and compared. This allows for alignment for overprinting.
ˑ A gap applicator is available for surface coating with liquid inks, coatings, adhesives, etc.
ˑ Tests can be performed with small amount of ink, which reduces the waste of expensive materials.
ˑ Object to coat: Film, paper, metal foil, glass, ceramic plate
ˑ Coating material: Ink, coating, paste, adhesive, slurry


K101 K202 K303
Speed 2 to 15 m/min 2 to 15 m/min 1 to 39 m/min
Stepless control Stepless control Digital setting
Coating area 170 × 250 mm 325 × 250 mm 350 × 450 mm
Footprint 400 × 500 mm 400 × 500 mm 690 × 410 mm


・ Development of film (for packaging, optical, and medical applications)
・ Development of ink (gravure, flexographic, conductive, resist)
・ Ink ribbon: Development of transfer foil
ˑ Fuel cell: Catalyst coating
・ Lithium-ion cell: Separator coating
・ Inkjet printer paper: Application of coating material
・ Display (development of liquid crystal, organic EL, and PDP displays, etc.)
・ Development in printable electronics


・ Heating bed
・ Vacuum bed
・ Magnet bed
・ Gap applicator
・ K Lox (flexographic printing)


ˑ Bar coater

Demo Examples

Development of Solar Cells

We applied a uniform coating of titanium oxide solution to glass.

Creating Samples of Coating Materials

Using an automatic bar coater, we created samples that demonstrate uniform coating of coating material.

Development of Conductive Polymers

To measure electrical resistivity, we created samples with a uniform coating of conductive polymers using an automatic bar coater.

Research on Organic Semiconductors

With the temperature adjusted by a heat plate, samples were created by an automatic bar coater.

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