Advanced Technology Division


We propose further possible applications of new materials by taking advantage of leading-edge technology.

The Advanced Technology Division is working in various fields of leading-edge technologies: new energy such as solar, lithium and fuel cells, nanotechnology using conductive ink, etc., next-generation machining technology using diamond, and optical devices for use in medical equipment.

In particular, in the field of printed electronics using printing and coating technology, which has received much attention recently, this division has been active for over 50 years as a Japanese general agent of RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd. in the U.K., a world-class manufacturer of test coaters with 60 years of history.Our resource-saving, space-saving, high-quality test coaters are being used to aid R & D with a minimum investment.

Regarding the development of materials, devices, and facilities, in cooperation with a wide variety of suppliers who possess core technology, we carry out the comprehensive development of new products and technology, focusing on manufacturing and sales of artificial diamonds, sales of various types of measuring equipment, and development of devices for use in medical equipment.

A variety of apparatus is set up in the showroom of the Tokyo Branch (at Shin-Yokohama), where customers can actually try to perform tests.

Showroom Information

Hands-on showroom; now accepting applications for demonstrations!
We have started on-line demonstrations.

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