Would you like to visit our showroom where you can test UV-curable resin sensors, proofers for printing and test coaters?

If you are facing any issues with the coating method, you may find a tip to solve it by actually performing coating with various testers. If you bring samples for experiment (inks, coating materials, pastes or films, wallpaper), we will help you with preparation of samples and experiment of coating/gravure printing/flexo printing, etc.

●You can actually operate the machines yourself.

If you are interested in certain machine models and would like to “operate them for validation” or to “see actual machines and consult our person in charge,” please contact our Recent - Techno Division. The showroom exists in the Tokyo Branch.
By making a reservation in advance, you can avail yourself of a machine demonstration. We await your inquiry.

●How to make a reservation for the showroom